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神奈川県横浜市出身。文化女子大学 映画舞台衣装デザイナーコース卒業。


Ellie Morikawa

From Japan.
I graduated from Bunka Women's University movie stage costume designer course.

I have made a work by absorbing those who are interested and I have made what unconventional.

I was aiming at an archaeologist from childhood.

but,I changed the course and aimed at the way with the design suddenly.
Therefore there are a lot of designs of the historical image.

Because I inherit Spirit of my grandfather who makes everything ,make also furniture and cosmetics by myself.

My favorite place where there is water
I'm getting the creativity and the driving force in the bathtub and the sea.

Hobby/ travel, qualification acquisition, reading, dish, tennis, heavy metal,
occult and folk doll collection...etc

twitter https://twitter.com/_eililie_
facebook https://www.facebook.com/eillie.jp
instagram  https://instagram.com/_eillie_/

FammeFatal exhibition sponsorship:J'ai Baisé Ta Bouche.

FammeFatal and I… I was first attracted to it was Jane Birkin
Jane Birkin was wearing a white T-shirt, wearing jeans, has a basket bag that was placed randomly stuff
I thought it was looking that I do not think it is a feminine.
But it was nice and was the cool personality.
After that, I met Vanessa parody and Bridget Bardot.
I was longing to French Lolita, also arrived follow the art of Pre-Raphaelite.
fell in love with such women While I was examined FammeFatale
I have a self-defeating desire and longing, I think it is also good to be ruined by such women

I'd like also to find a new FammeFatal now.

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